25 ‘boozy’ doctors ‘assaulted police & vandalized’ Indian pub

You’d think doctors would know better when it comes to moderation, but a group of 25 medics from India were arrested over the weekend for allegedly vandalizing a pub and assaulting police because they were refused more booze.

Defying many of the healthy living tips that they might dispense to their patients, the “heavily inebriated” doctors were arrested after wreaking havoc in the Ashoka pub and restaurant in Agora, near Delhi Gate, after staff refused to serve them liquor after closing time.

According to the pub owner, Shivaji Ohja, the group, who work at a prestigious state-run center, were hurling verbal abuse at staff and misbehaving when the sad news was broken to them that they would no longer be served alcohol.

But the thirsty doctors refused to call it a night.

A reinforcement of 40 more of their colleagues “barged” into the pub and vandalized it, “creating a sense of terror among other guests,”the Times of India (TOI) reports.

The group reportedly assaulted staff and beat up police, who had called to the venue in an attempt to “pacify” the situation.

Three officers who intervened against the “unruly” doctors sustained injuries to their heads and limbs, and also had their uniforms torn off, police said, the TOI reports.

And just in case they hadn’t caused enough distress already, the authorities added that they also shut down the medical facility on Sunday, stopping the emergency ward’s services.

Senior police officer Amit Pathak asked the center why no internal action had been taken against the doctors. “Who is protecting them and ignoring such behavior even when MBBS doctors are acting as goons?

“On Saturday night, they assaulted the 82-year-old pub owner for mere liquor and injured our cops. Later, they shut down the hospital. It’s unacceptable and intolerable.”

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