Baby delivered on Remembrance Day by her grandmother called Poppy-Mae

Poppy-Mae was delivered just after midnight on 11 November.

A baby girl delivered by her grandmother on Remembrance Day has been called Poppy-Mae.

54-year-old Karen Watson was at home asleep on Saturday 10 November when she got a call from her daughter Kate Hall, who’s a personal trainer, to say her waters had broken. Karen drove straight to her daughter’s home in Pen y Wern, Llanelli and just after midnight had delivered her own granddaughter.

Karen, who’s “Nani” to eight grandchjildren, described the delivery with “no paramedics, no midwives, no nothing.”

“We just sped down there. We’re a close family. I didn’t know what I was doing, I just stuck my clothes on, got in the car and just drove round.”

Karen and Kate called an ambulance but were told there was no ambulance nearby to come straight away.

Baby Poppy-Mae with her family
Poppy-Mae had been due on 8 November.

With no other option, Karen delivered her eighth grandchild, helped by her daughter-in law Hannah and emergency phone operator, Paula Scourfield. “The operator talked us through it,” she explained. “The closest I have ever come to delivering a baby was watching ‘Call the Midwife’. It’s something you will never forget – you are scared, you are crying but you are just so glad you can be there too.”

Grandmother Karen said her daughter “never screamed, all I heard was her saying she wanted to push. But I did my own bit of screaming – I think I woke the whole street up.”

The commotion woke up Kate’s two young sons, Alfie, 5, and Ellis, 3, who watched their sister being born, with husband David looking on.

Poppy Mae with her family
Baby Poppy-Mae with Mum and Dad and older brother Alfie and Ellis.

Baby Poppy-Mae was born 25 minutes later at 12:37am on November 11 2018. The annual poppy appeal is significant for the family, as Kate’s great-grandfather, Jerry, fought in World War Two for the Leicester Regiment in India and Burma.

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