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Baby Jesus stolen from church’s charity nativity scene

The statue was the centrepiece of the Christmas nativity scene laying in his model manger.

But it was taken when staff at the market in Cardiff had their backs turned.

Sally Roberts, 49, who runs a German-themed bar at the festive market set up the nativity scene to raise money for neighbouring St John’s Church.

Somebody stole the baby Jesus while we were flat out busy with customers so didn’t notice it going missing.

The nativity scene was set up to raise money for the church as a thank you to them for us being outside.

Last year we raised more than £2,000 for them by people donating having their pictures taken at the nativity scene.

But someone has stolen the baby Jesus this time so it’s not the same.

We’re thinking of trying to get another one now but it’s not the point.

I hope whoever took it can bring it back.

It is for charity after all and it wouldn’t be worth anything.

It’s not really in the Christmas spirit.


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