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Beauty will save the world!

Nature herself has given us a chance to stop for a while. To loosen up. To look around and see the true bliss of being home; to appreciate our being healthy and surrounded by the ones we love; to notice the inimitable, impeccable beauty of Nature. In our rush for the latest designer stuff, we have forgotten how beautiful Life is – and now is the best time to remember it.

Klever is our new brand of fashion jewelry that we make with our own hands from real, live plants. Well, of course, it’s Nature that makes them; and we only cover them in metal, applying just a bit of physics and wizardry to real plants to end up with things that are unique in the most direct sense of the word. We never make two identical bracelets, necklaces, or earrings – just like Nature never has two identical leaves, petals, or flowers. Their shape is not perfect, and this is what makes them beautiful: they are alive.

Our brand was born from our admiration with nature, and we think it is our duty to help her the best we can. Our items come in rather curious packaging made from paper with… wildflower seeds in it! Yes – if you put your Klever envelope into soil and water it, it will sprout up eventually, and another plant will grow on planet Earth. Moreover, we are now working on a whole new type of packaging material that will contain the seeds of real trees – and that will be our (and your) contribution to the cause of restoring forests on our beautiful planet.

Our production is located in Sochi, the best city in Russia, amid its lush subtropical vegetation, right in the middle of the country’s biggest natural biosphere reserves, where greenery is abundant all the year round. Over here, Nature shows all the beauty it is capable of creating – and we are happy to share it all with you!

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