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Brexit “turmoil” has boosted independence case says Sturgeon

She said that she will state her position on a second independence referendum in the New Year.

But she said the Brexit negotiations and the treatment of Scotland by the UK Government in contract to the influence other small European countries have over Brexit, she said has strengthened the case for independence.

Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge, Ms Sturgeon said: “On whether there should be another vote on Scottish independence, I will set out my further views on that in the New Year once we get over this period of turmoil around Brexit.

“But the whole Brexit process over the last two and a half years, has strengthened the case for Scottish independence immeasurably in my view, not just because our vote in 2016 was ignored, but if you look at the position of Ireland, an independent member of the European Union, being shown support and solidarity by its colleagues in the EU – contrast that with devolved Scotland, completely cast aside, our interests ignored.”

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