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«Butterfly» effect

Historically, since ancient times, there is an interest increase or decline towards Afghanistan. Great Britain, Russia, Iran, India, and Pakistan, and later Africa, have become to interfere into the matters of backward country. Great states constantly acquired powerful allies among the Pashtun elite.

Nowadays, neighboring Pakistan gives a considerable support for the Islamist from its territory, because of the longest border with Afghanistan, in comparison with the rest of the neighbors. Moreover, the border is not recognized by Kabul as such. Neither one Afghan government has ever considered it as an international border. The border, drawn by the British between Afghanistan and British possessions in India, divided related Pashtun tribes into two approximately equal parts. It was exactly it that stimulated in the past the emergence of the Islamic “Taliban”. That is why, although the Pakistani army is fighting against “Taliban”, it does it reluctantly and inconsistently.

A new phenomenon to the world, another project under the title ISIL also passed unnoticed like the formation of the Taliban. Nobody paid any attention to these both movements, because of being passionate about the struggle between the former groups, which have already discredited themselves fully in the West. The world was presented with indisputable proof of the fanaticism and obscurantism of the Taliban and their creators as CIA (USA),  Pakistani intelligence has already realized the futility of protecting their  wards.

At the same time there was a need to create a new group secretly allied with the above mentioned agencies.  ISIS has discredited itself both around the world and inside the moderate Islamic world because of its brutality and propaganda of their policies in the media. The  Internet first played on the side of terrorists.

The defeat of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria forces the US and its allies to bring their supporters from the territory, with the blood of the victims of ISIS, into the more remote mountainous regions in the North of Afghanistan closer to the Central Asian countries allied to Russia.  Apparently there is supposed to open a new front.

The bases are created in the Northern provinces: Faryab, Jogan, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan;  funding, food, weapons and ammunition are provided to be infiltrated together with terrorists to  the neighboring countries for instigation of a new war. Moreover, we are talking about war experienced fighters, who came across military roads throughout Syria and Iraq.

Dear sirs, from State Department and Pentagon, isn’t it time to stop?



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