Calls for employers to give domestic abuse victims paid leave

Charity Welsh Woman’s Aid is calling on all employers in Wales to give staff suffering domestic abuse paid leave.

They say it will help victims to know they’re not alone and give a zero tolerance message that domestic abuse isn’t acceptable.

New Zealand passed legislation last year granting victims of domestic violence 10 days of paid leave.

Similar measures have been made in the Philippines and parts of Canada.

We know women experiencing abuse often worry about retaining their job, and by employers sending a clear message that they can offer support in this way will be pivotal for survivors to make choices and access help and support.


Future Generation’s Commissioner Sophie Howe has announced staff members who work for her and who are victims of domestic abuse will now get paid leave so they can escape abusive environments.

Sophie Howe

Sophie Howe said she wants her staff to know they are not alone in dealing with a serious and frightening situation.

We know that many women stay in abusive relationships due to lack of money and access to secure accommodation for themselves and their children.

As an employer it is very important to me that my staff are aware that they are not alone in dealing with a serious and frightening situation, and that there is crucial, practical support immediately available, in order to help leave an abusive relationship. This further support is additional to our workplace policy which we have already put in place to safeguard a victim of abuse and ensure that the workplace is a safe space.

Domestic abuse is everyone’s problem and as an employer we can make a collective effort to fight one of biggest societal problems facing us today.


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