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Cardiff City’s club doctor’s campaign to create legacy in memory of daughter

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock and his players are supporting a new video which they hope can save lives across the UK.

The film has been made after the death of Claire Nokes, the daughter of the club doctor Len.

Claire Nokes

On December 28th 2016, Claire Nokes collapsed at a friend’s house.

She had suffered a cardiac arrest, brought on by a condition called myocarditis.

Nokes family

After suffering a hypoxic brain injury, she was in a vegetative for the next eight months of her life.

She passed away on October 3rd, 2017 aged just 25 years old.

Her father, Len Nokes is Cardiff City’s club doctor and credits the team for their support.

“I call them my boys, the players. They were magnificent. The love I’ve got from them – and I mean the word love – it just showed there was a lot of feeling between me and the players. And the staff were magnificent, really supportive. The manager was superb”

The video features Captain Sean Morrison and Callum Paterson performing CPR and is voiced by manager Neil Warnock.

It will be shared across the clubs social media platforms and also sent to other football clubs in the hope they make their own version.

“If one life can be saved, I’d be very happy”, Len said.

Sean Morrison

Nokes has also released a book detailing his daughter’s story.

Written in her memory it is a recollection of how Len and his family rallied around her and each other in the most trying of circumstances.

Claire Nokes

All the proceeds will be distributed evenly between the British Heart Foundation and Rookwood Hospital’s Prop Appeal.

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