Cardiff named work stress capital of the UK

Cardiff is the work stress capital of the UK according to new research.

Almost a quarter of residents from the city have been signed off work in the last year by their GP.

A nationwide study of UK employees across major cities in the UK has revealed a work stress map, with people from Cardiff feeling the most pressure.

31%-said they feel constantly stressed and anxious about work

Almost a third of residents of Cardiff said they constantly feel stressed and anxious about work, while 28 percent admit they struggle to sleep because of worries about their job.

The national average is 21 percent.

Employees from Newcastle came in second place for stress followed by those in Edinburgh.

Perhaps surprisingly, London only came tenth in the poll of 2,000 working Brits.

But the survey showed work stress is a UK wide problem, with a poor work life balance and not enough time to be with friends and family emerging as major factors.

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