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Children’s home workers struck off after wrapping boy in cling film

Two children’s home workers have been struck off for wrapping a teenage boy in cling film.

Care workers Richard Burnell and Kyle Johnson were looking after the 15-year-old boy who was in emergency care, when they bound his legs and arms with kitchen wrap and put packaging tape over his mouth.

They were accused of serious misconduct after a photo and foul-mouthed videos emerged of the incident.

A Fitness to Practice panel found all allegations against Burnell and Johnson proven – and both have been struck off.

Panel chair James Crowe said that the panel was satisfied Burnell and Johnson “both participated in the incident.”

The hearing was told the 15-year-old boy was “bound” in cling film and “gagged” with packaging tape.

His mother found photos and videos of the incident and was left “devastated and mortified” – saying it looked like a “stag party.”

She said: “I didn’t feel in the videos you can see who was in the position of authority. It looked like a stag party.”

The boy later told a social worker “it was all a joke” and that he had asked Johnson and Burnell to tie him up.

But an investigation was launched and the project workers were suspended.

The Social Care Wales hearing was told the pair were also filmed using “inappropriate language” towards the boy.

In the videos, Burnell can be heard saying: “Don’t be f***ing mate, I swear I’ll smash your phone. I’m not even joking.”

Presenting officer Delme Griffiths said said: “We say the video and the comments made speak for themselves.

“It would always be inappropriate to tie and bound a young person in this manner.

“By its very nature, this is an inappropriate act in any circumstances.”

The hearing was told Arthog Children’s Home in Gwynedd, North Wales, has 33 staff and houses seven young people on short term placements up to 90 days.

Burnell and Johnson were both been handed a removal order at the hearing in Cardiff.

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