Cuts to number of cash machines leaving rural communities ‘struggling to access money’

Cuts to the number of cash machines has left many rural communities facing long journeys to make free withdrawals, with some people struggling to access cash at all, according to the consumer charity Which?

In Harlech, Gwynedd, the nearest ATM machine is four miles away, with businesses in the area saying that they are losing out when customers cannot pay by cash, and have to pay by card instead.

Across the UK, 5,334 free cash machines were either closed or converted to fee-paying machines between January 2018 and May 2019.

ATM machine

The countless communities across the UK with shockingly low cash machine provision show that measures intended to guarantee access to cash simply don’t work – and point to mismanagement of the broken cash landscape that is leaving many people struggling.

These communities have found themselves presented with a confusing array of schemes from regulators and the industry claiming to fix the problem.

Only intervention from the next government to properly protect cash for as long as it is needed can help the many people struggling for vital cash access.


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