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Cycling legends Geraint Thomas, Luke Rowe and Owain Doull ride with local kids

Welsh cycling legends Geraint Thomas, Luke Rowe and Owain Doull went out on a group ride with 40 junior cyclists from south Wales on Sunday morning.

It all came about during a live audience recording of Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe’s podcast ‘Watts Occurring’.

They were recording their cycling podcast at the Halfway Pub on Cathedral Road, Cardiff on Friday 27th December with a group of south Wales cycling fans listening.

At the end of the podcast Luke and Geraint took some questions from the fans.


Tim Bailey from Risca who runs the junior section of the club Cwmcarn Paragon CC asked “Can you give any tips on descending? I coach some young riders and would like to advance their skills.”

Luke replied: “As I was growing up, if I wanted to improve my skills I would go out riding with riders who I knew who were better the me and I would try and emulate them in how they rode. What Club are you for Tim?”


Tim replied “Cwmcarn Paragons, I coach the Goonies”

To which Luke responded “Tell you what, we will come out and ride with them.”

True to his word, straight after the podcast a date was set for the ride on Sunday 29th December and it was all planned.

They even managed to get Olympic gold medallist and cyclist Owain Doulls to come along for the ride.


The ride was opened up to a number of nearby local junior cycling clubs including Maindy Flyers, Cardiff Ajax, Cardiff Jiff and Whitchurch Cycle Club.

Geraint and Luke went back to their roots as Maindy Flyers was their first cycling club.


After a briefing by Luke at 10.15am they all went for 45 minute ride and did a lap of Cwmcarn scenic drive.

Luke Rowe helped push a young rider up the hill and even gave his Ineos jacket to one of the boys who got cold on the descent.

The young riders were thrilled the cycling legends joined them and Tim Bailey described the day as “magical” and said the children got the chance to “meet their heroes.”

The Cwncarn Paragons junior division or the Paragoonies are open for any children age nine and upwards on Monday evenings.

In the winter they do turbo sessions and in the summer coaching/riding sessions.

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