Cyclist left with broken neck after crash says helmet ‘saved’ his life

A cyclist, who was left with a broken neck after being thrown off his bike, said his helmet saved his life.

Gareth, from Cardiff, hit a traffic cone in the road during the Long Course Weekend in Tenby, before hitting his head as he ”cart-wheeled” down the road.

The crash completely destroyed his bike, which was made out of strong carbon, and his helmet was broken into pieces.

Gareth was left with a concussion and a broken neck from the impact but said it could have been ”much worse” if he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Had I not been been wearing my helmet it could have been much, much worse. I was travelling down the main road towards Tenby. I hit the cone and started cart-wheeling down the road. I came to a stop and landed on my head.

The consultant told me if I was not wearing a helmet I would not be here. The idea of not wearing a helmet and my head hitting the floor is terrifying. My head must have hit the floor around three times during the accident, so I can quite comfortably say I’d definitely have a fractured skull. I’m very, very lucky.



He is now so focusing on raising awareness of safety equipment and highlighting the importance of wearing a helmet.

“The amount of kids I see in the streets riding a bike or a scooter with no helmet. I really think it should be law that when you buy a bike you have to buy a helmet too.”

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