‘Dippy the Dinosaur’ roars into Cardiff

‘Dippy the Dinosaur’ has been moved to Cardiff’s National Museum as part of a UK-wide tour.

The iconic dinosaur, which is a plaster cast replica of fossilised bone, went on display on Friday 18 October, and will remain in the museum until the end of January next year.

‘Dippy’, as the model is affectionately known, had been housed in London’s Natural History Museum since 1905, but has been on a tour of museums across the UK since last year.

The fossilised skeleton from which Dippy was cast dates back to 1898, when it was found in Wyoming, in the USA.

It was first acquired by the Scottish-American collector and industrialist Andrew Carnegie. The bones were then categorised as a new species in his name: Diplodocus carnegii.

Organisers say they hope to inspire five million “natural history adventures” through the outreach project, encouraging people in Cardiff and Wales to explore their own natural history collections.

The museum says Dippy’s arrival will coincide with new “dino-merchandise” on sale in the museum, including books, toys and clothing.


It’s really exciting to open a new shop here dedicated to our special guest, Dippy the Diplodocus.

There’s plenty of dino-themed goodies for all ages and if visitors want to buy something unique for Christmas, then this is the place for them!


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