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First Ministers of Wales and Scotland call on Theresa May to delay Brexit

The First Ministers of Wales and Scotland have issued a joint statement calling on Theresa May to ask the EU for a delay to Brexit.

It comes as the Prime Minister heads to Brussels for crunch Brexit talks insisting that the UK must not be “trapped” in a backstop deal.

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First Minister Mark Drakeford said “there is now no time to waste”.

Alarmingly at this late hour, following its defeat, the UK Government still appears unable to identify the “alternative arrangements” to the Irish backstop which it says would allow the House of Commons to vote for the deal.

In addition the EU remains totally committed to the backstop, which it says will not be re-negotiated.

The point has been reached where there is now no time to waste. We therefore renew our call for the Prime Minister to make clear that she and her Government will ensure ‘no deal’ is taken off the table. This should include putting forward secondary legislation now to remove 29 March 2019 as Exit Day from the EU (Withdrawal) Act.


Downing Street says Mrs May is “open to different ways” of achieving her objectives on the backstop. The PM will use the meetings to state that Parliament has sent “an unequivocal message that change is required”.

One of the PM’s key messages for EU leaders will be that the Commons has now made it clear it could support the Withdrawal Agreement as long as concerns about the backstop are addressed.

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