Fly-tippers dump piles of rubbish near a £50,000 fine for littering sign

Fly-tippers dumped piles of household rubbish next to a children’s playground and beside a sign warning offenders they could face a £50,000 fine.

More than a dozen black bin liners, discarded toys and an old TV set were left behind the playground at Lon Glanfor in Belgrano, near Abergele.


Abergele councillor Andrew Wood says there has been an increase in illegal dumping which he blames on tip charges being introduced by Conwy Council in 2017.

Conwy Council said in a statement there is no excuse for fly-tipping as there is not charge for disposing household rubbish.

Cllr Wood is urging the authority to prosecute anyone caught dumping rubbish illegally and to consider scrapping the controversial charges.


I think Conwy should definitely start taking a lot more of the fly-tippers to court, as it’s definitely increasing in the county-these black bins dumped in Belgrano have probably been dumped by someone who are moving house or by someone doing a house clearance.


County residents have to pay for dropping off waste like soil, rubble, plasterboard, tiles and tyres.

In Mochdre and Abergele it costs £3 to leave a bag of rubble and £30 for a trailer load of wood or soil.

Since the charges and monthly bin collections have been introduced fly-tipping has increased.

214-incidents of fly-tipping recorded in the Conwy area October/November 2017
250-incidents of fly-tipping recorded in the same period in 2018.
16%-increase in incidents of fly-tipping in one year.

For these months in both years, more than half of these incidents involved bulky household items, such as white goods, sofas, bikes, carpet, mattresses and prams.

Black bin waste accounted for 22% of the 2017 incidents, and 25% of the 2018 incidents.

Councillor Wood says more could be done to catch fly-tippers.

I found a load of black bins that had been dumped near the chest hospital in Abergele, and it didn’t take me long to work out who had dumped them.

I found photographs and a credit card bill and the culprits were taken to court, more of this should be happening as Conwy have only taken a handful of people to court.

I also think the tip charges should be dropped, as I’d like to know how much it’s costing the authority to clear up the fly-tippings compared to how much they are making from charging at the tip.


In a response, Conwy Council said there is no charge for disposing of any of the items found in this latest fly-tipping in Belgrano.

Increased fly tipping is a national trend which is also showing itself in Conwy. Environmental Crime is unacceptable and the authority will investigate these incidents thoroughly and take action.

Penalties for fly-tipping range from Fixed Penalty Notices to prosecution.

Where there is a realistic chance of prosecution we can pursue cases through the courts.


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