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How the stunning landscape of Wales is fast becoming ‘Instafamous’

Wales is known for its beautiful landscapes, hidden gems and coastal stretches.

But since the popularity of online photography on platforms like Instagram, it appears Wales is well and truly being put on the global map.


With more than 400 castles, over 50 rivers and 2,704 km of coastline, Wales has plenty of places for the perfect ‘photo-op’.

Instagram influencer Manrina from London told ITV Wales about her time in Wales “the trip was super Instagramable” and wasn’t short of finding the ideal location for a picturesque snap.

Originally from London, she spent time in South Wales, in the Gower, Cefn Sidan beach in Llanelli and Pembrokeshire.

342 K-posts on Instagram have used #Wales, with the hashtag reaching 6.7M users.

Here are a few of the most ‘Instagramable’ spots in Wales:

  • Snowdonia Summit
  • Portmeirion, Gwynedd
  • Rhosilli Bay, Gower
  • Llyn Padarn, Llanberis
  • Tenby, Pembrokeshire
  • Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire
  • Blue Pool Bay, Gower
  • Ynys Llanddwyn, Anglesey
  • Cardiff arcades, Cardiff
  • Bodnant Gardens, Conwy

Girl in Rhossili sunflower fields

There are some ‘Insta’ opportunities that only come around once a year.

Half a million sunflowers have bloomed in the fields of Rhossiliand hundreds have already posted to social media to share their images.

Hanging Christmas lights inside the Duke St Arcade in Cardiff are also heavily featured on Instagram during the winter months.

According to latest figures, 8.1 million trips to Wales from the rest of the UK in the first nine months of 2018 – which generating expenditure of £1.539 billion.

£1.5bn-money generated from ‘domestic tourism’ in Wales Jan-Sept 2018

Internationally, there were 784,000 trips taken in Wales with an expenditure of £320 million.

And it’s not just humans that have been enjoying the wonderful scenery of Wales.

Dog on paddleboard
If you were looking for inspiration, Visit Wales also posts regular stunning snaps from around the country.

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