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Investigation into “safety of charter planes” following Sala crash

“The death of a high profile star like Emiliano Sala is tragically what it’s taken to highlight the safety of charter flights.”

That’s the view today of the head of aviation in the Channel Islands.

Speaking to ITV Channel Television, Dominic Lazarus confirmed he has been asked by the UK body that overseas charter flights, to assist an investigation into the safety of non commercial flights.

It’s very sad that so-called grey area charters have been prevalent for a long time now and we’ve been trying to curtail this mode of transport but very sadly, what happened to Emiliano Sala has brought it to the fore.


The rules say you are only allowed to share the cost of a private chartered flight, not make money from it.

Dominic Lazarus explained: “Grey charters are where private pilots are conducting commercial operations – so they are charging for private chartered flights which they are not allowed to do.”

The Argentinian star had signed a 15 million pound contract with Cardiff City and was flying to join the team when his plane crashed, killing the 28 year old and the pilot.

Now, the flights before that plane crash, with links to a Channel Islands operator, are also being investigated.

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