Irish TV shows monster kicking caravan into sea before news segment on fatal caravan cliff-fall

An Irish TV channel aired a station promo of a monster kicking a caravan over a cliff and into the sea, directly before their news coverage of a storm in which a woman died when her caravan was blown into the water.

TG4 aired the uncanny intro on Wednesday night which showed three giant beast-like figures as they made their way to the coast. One can be seen fishing in the sea, another drags a caravan along the ground, while the third kicks a caravan into the ocean.

Unfortunately, the promo was directly followed up by a news program – in the country’s native Irish language – which opened with headlines about Storm Ali. The storm claimed the lives of two people including a Swiss woman who died after her caravan was blown off a cliff in Galway.

Many viewers picked up on the “truly bizarre” oversight and took to social media to virtually shake their heads at the channel. A spokesman for the channel apologised for the “auto scheduled” promotional sequence, designed to identify the station to viewers – known as an ‘ident,’ and said they removed it from rotation immediately after it aired.

The ident is one of a series of six idents, running since 2013, which are auto scheduled. The ident broadcast ONCE yesterday, and was immediately removed from the schedule,” said a spokesman .

TG4 sincerely apologise for the unfortunate scheduling of this ident and any undue stress caused.”

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