Liberal Democrats launch ‘five-point plan’ to stop Brexit, tackle climate change and treat mental health

Stop Brexit, tackle climate change and transform mental health.

Those issues are part of a five-point plan the Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced in a bid to “build a brighter future for Wales”.

The announcement was made by the Welsh leader Jane Dodds as she visited Cardiff with the party’s leader Jo Swinson.


Jo Swinson

She said, “This is an ambitious vision to stop Brexit, tackle the climate emergency, give every child the best start in life and transform mental health. These are our priorities and they should be the priorities of any government of Wales.”

Jane Dodds

The plan includes;

  • Stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion “Remain Bonus” in public services and tackling inequality.
  • Insulate every home by 2030 to cut emissions and tackle the climate emergency
  • Recruit more teachers as part of an extra £560m for schools
  • Provide universal free childcare
  • Transform mental health by providing enough money for the Welsh NHS to treat it with the same urgency as physical health.

Jane Dodds said: “I’m delighted to unveil the Welsh Liberal Democrat plan to build a brighter future for Wales.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats stand on the side of all those people in Wales who want to see Wales keep it’s place in the European Union and tackle the vital issues that have been ignored for too long.”

The party’s leader Jo Swinson became the latest politician to visit South Yorkshire where scores of people find their homes still under water.

Jo Swinson

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