Llanelli man saves his own father from burning flat

A 32-year-old man saved his father from his burning flat as flames were centimetres from engulfing him.

Justin Griffiths lives next to his father Lee Griffiths and realised there was smoke coming from his apartment late on Monday morning.

The 32-year-old who lives in Llwynhendy, Llanelli, walked through the front door of his 53-year-old father’s property and was met with a mass of smoke and flames.


I walked through the main door and my father was in the front room where the fire was. More or less all of the room was alight. I could hardly see anything. There was just smoke everywhere.

My father was centimetres away from the flames so if I had been a minute later it could have been a completely different story.

He was on the arm of the chair and within touching distance of the flames so I just did what any son would have done.

I had to drag him out of the apartment. It was a very disturbing day for me and all the other members of the community.



As soon as Justin had helped his father out of the burning building he proceeded to knock on all the other tenants doors alerting them to the fire and telling them to get out of the building.

The Cefn-Y-Maes resident then called the emergency services.

Mr Griffiths was later taken by ambulance to Price Philip Hospital in Llanelli for treatment.

Neighbours said he was a hero for ensuring other residents got out of the building as quickly as possible.

Ellie Samuel and Emma Whitten witnessed the fire and said: “There was smoke everywhere and we heard the window smash. It was actually terrifying. Our friend was a hero and went in there and knocked on people’s doors to get them out.”

“We saw one of our neighbours climb out of the window because there was so much smoke at the front door,” added the pair.

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