More than 120% increase in knife crime incidents recorded by South Wales Police

New figures show that knife crime has been steadily rising in Wales.

Last year, there were more than 1700 knife crime incidents recorded by police and almost 1000 arrests relating to knife crimes were made.

All four of Wales’ police forces reported an increase in knife related incidents in the last three years.

Figures obtained through a freedom of information request made by ITV Wales, revealed South Wales Police saw the highest increase in Wales.

The force has seen a 124% increase in knife crime incidents between 2015 and November 2018.

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One family who have been directly impacted by knife crime are siblings Daniel and Lisa Maddocks. In an exclusive television interview with our current affairs programme Wales This Week, they opened up about the death of their brother Craig Maddocks.

Craig, 34, from Llay, Wrexham, was a promising amateur boxer with a bright future ahead of him.

He was stabbed more than 50 times in a pub toilet whilst on a night out with friends.

He died of shock and haemorrhaging from wounds to the neck and chest inflicted by a flick knife.

Craig Maddocks

His brother Daniel described the moment he found out that his brother had been murdered:

I took it as a bit of a shock at first, it took a little bit of time to sink in. But when I found out it was true, I just broke down in tears.


In the last three years North Wales Police have seen a 54% increase in knife crime incidents. It’s a growing problem that’s leaving a lasting effect on families.

Daniel says his brother’s death continues to impact on him:

“It doesn’t get any easier. Some days I have bad days, I just can’t face the outside world.

“I just want to stay at home and lock myself in the bedroom. And then when you’re seeing it on the news all the time, it just brings it up and brings it up. And it doesn’t get any easier for me at all”

Craig Maddocks as a child

Francesco John Prevete was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Craig. He must serve a minimum term of 23 years before even being considered for release.

Craig’s sister, Lisa Maddocks, said her brother was well liked within the community.

“[He was a] happy go lucky person, always laughing always joking. Everybody knew him because he just had a heart of gold. He’d do anything for you, anything.”

She told us said the pain of losing her brother is still unbearable and has had a devastating impact on the whole family.

“It’s always there, it doesn’t get easier. You just learn to take every day as you can and cope with it, you have to.”

Craig Maddocks' gravestone

With statistics showing a stark rise in the number of knife crime incidents in Wales, Craig Maddocks’ brother Daniel has a strong message to anyone considering carrying a knife:

I don’t want to be seeing the likes of my children, my sister’s children, being brought up into this world where they think it’s right to carry a knife around in your pocket because it’s not acceptable.

It’s not worth the risk, not for the impact it has on people’s families. Just surrender your knife.


You can see the full programme of Wales This Week: The Rise of Knives , 20.30pm tonight.

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