Neighbor from hell: Woman arrested for hiring assassin for noisy renovators next door

Good neighbors are a blessing, but bad ones can be a curse. So much so that a Russian woman decided to arrange a hit on hers, because they were too loud. Luckily for them, the assassin she found turned out to be an undercover cop.

There are many ways neighbors can spoil your life. They can argue and smash dishes at night, blast loud music, have noisy sex or throw litter everywhere, but the bane of this woman, from the southern town of Budyonnovsk, was her neighbors’ passion for renovating.

After another brutal fight about their drilling of a wall of their apartment block, the 53-year-old decided she’d had enough and that they shouldn’t walk the earth anymore.

The woman started looking for an assassin who would agree to rid her of the constant renovators once and for all. Luckily, her search attracted the attention of the police and an undercover operation was organized to catch the wannabe criminal mastermind red-handed.

“You have to finish all of them off,” the woman told an operative, who was posing as a gun-for-hire. The exchange was filmed on a hidden camera and the video released by the Russian Investigative Committee. Judging by what the woman says in the footage, the family she wanted dead was a large one and had seven members, including children.

When the fake assassin told the woman that he would only murder the husband and wife, she broke a sigh and said: “It’s not enough. This will only make them angry.”

The perpetrator insisted that she had to deal with the neighbors before they come after her, saying that she believed that she was being stalked.

Eventually, an agreement was reached that two people would be assassinated for a price of 100,000 rubles (just over $1,500), while the rest of the family would be dealt with later.

The police then contacted the noisy neighbors and staged their killing inside the family car. The photos from the false flag crime scene were presented to the woman as proof of the successful hit.

She paid up and was immediately detained and soon wrote a full confession.

Earlier this week, a shocking video emerged online of a man from the Russian town of Volzhsky shooting his neighbor dead after his wife told him to do something about loud music coming from next door.

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