New funding for learners over sixty to study in Wales

Those over the age of 60 in Wales will now be able to apply for a £4,000 bursary to study at a university.

The bursaries will be available from this autumn.

The Welsh Government is also introducing several other bursaries to encourage more people to join higher education courses.

  • £4,000 bursary for age 60+ Master’s Degree students during 2019/20 academic year
  • £2,000 bursary for all-age students to study a Master’s in ‘STEMM’ subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or Medicine)
  • £1,000 bursary to study for a Master’s through the medium of Welsh

Post-graduate study should be an option available to every graduate in Wales, no matter your age. Sir David Attenborough continues to make some of the best and most popular TV programmes into his nineties, so there’s no reason for age to be a barrier to develop your career once you pass 60!

We also want to attract talented graduates to remain in, or return to Wales to study, particularly in the STEMM subjects where we know there’s a high demand from industry for skilled post-graduates.

The bursary for Welsh-medium postgraduates is also important to the continued development of the Welsh-speaking workforce, which is essential to achieving our target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.


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