Newport dog entered into UK’s largest pet slimming competition

A five-year-old beagle from Newport has been entered into the UK’s largest pet slimming competition after being 39 per cent overweight.

Luigi, whose love of a Sunday roast has seen his waistline expand, has been selected to join the PDSA Pet Fit Club – a six month diet and exercise programme.

Weighing in at 4st 8lb, his owner Perrie Eedy says Luigi’s piled on the pounds over the years.


He will find food anywhere. He’s very clever and even manages to find his way into the recycling, despite it having a ‘secure’ lid!

He loves all food, especially human food and he will want it even more if we’re eating it, especially meat. On Sundays he gets carrots with his biscuits and gravy on top while we have our Sunday roast.

My Nana looks after him sometimes when I’m at work, and he gets treated all day from her so that will have to stop now.



Beagle Luigi will be competing against eight other overweight cats and dogs from across the UK and will need to lose more than a stone to get to his ideal weight.

Pet obesity is an epidemic that is impacting the lives of millions of pets across the country.

As with humans, being overweight can lead to a higher risk of suffering from serious life-limiting and life-threatening conditions such as arthritis, certain types of cancer and heart disease.

It is estimated that up to 40% of UK cats and dogs are overweight or obese.


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