One in five people in Wales ‘unaware’ they have liver disease

One in five adults in Wales could be unaware they have liver disease, a charity is warning.

British Liver Trust have launched a roadshow to allow people to assess their risk of getting the disease. In most cases, there are no symptoms of in the early stages.

This week, the ‘Love Your Liver’ roadshow will visit a number of spots in Wales to offer free liver scans that detect the disease.

The charity estimates 807 people died from liver disease in 2015 alone, representing an 20% increase over the past five years.

One in three of us are at risk of getting liver disease. It is a silent killer and people often don’t realise they have a problem until it is too late. Although the liver is remarkably resilient, if left until symptoms appear, liver damage is often irreversible. Approximately 20% of the people we scan need to go and have further checks.

The Love Your Liver roadshow is a great opportunity for people to find out their risk of liver disease and the first one hundred people to attend will receive a free non-invasive scan


The roadshow will visit these locations:

  • Bangor Town Clock, Monday 19th November
  • Wrexham, Queen’s Square, Tuesday 20th November
  • Cardiff, Churchill Way, Wednesday 21st November
  • Bridgend, Dunraven Place, Thursday 22nd November
  • Swansea, Plymouth Street, Friday 23rd November

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