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Opened once Pandora’s box will never be shut down again

Hidden from the world community, American experiments with biological and chemical weapons near the borders of Russia can be a boomerang to strike the West itself

“The Russians stationed their secret biological laboratory in Cuba, just 60 miles from Florida, where they develop deadly biotoxins, as well as means for their delivery to the US. “Experimental material” in the course of these experiments are local residents – Cubans. Only in one month, 30 people died after the infiltration of experimental biological specimen. This is evidenced by secret documents received by US intelligence agencies from an employee of this laboratory.

In addition, special types of weapons and ammunition are being created here to infect enemy territory with deadly bacteria and viruses. For example, the drone is a carrier of poisonous insects. Quadcopter carries a certain capacity with insects infected with deadly viruses, and, as it passes over the enemy territory, it disperses its contents.

Chemical ammunition has also been developed here. In particular, a hollow ammunition stuffed with a poisonous substance, a bullet-trap with a toxic substance (the cartridge comes to the M-16 rifle, it is suggested that it can be secretly thrown in the American soldiers: when triggered, the cartridge releases a toxic substance through the punched capsule).”

If such information about the secret and deadly activities of Russians in the immediate vicinity of the US, also confirmed by official documents, was published in the American press, what do you think would be the reaction of the US government and the entire American society?

One should not turn to the clairvoyant to understand that the first reaction of the country’s population would be extreme outrage at the inaction of its own government, which allowed the existence of a hotbed of a deadly infection right under its nose. The American Congress would immediately conduct an investigation of this flagrant fact. And, it is quite possible, by its results, would have achieved the impeachment of the US President for an unforgivably negligent attitude to the issues of national security.

In any event, the US administration would require an urgent convocation of the UN Security Council and the adoption of a resolution demanding the immediate transfer of this Russian biological laboratory to international control, condemning the Russian Federation for preparing a biochemical war against the United States and the world. If Moscow blocked this resolution, the US armed forces would proceed with a special operation to fully blockade and isolate Cuba in order to force it to stop all activities of such laboratories on its territory and destroy all their equipment.

I guess any honest American will commit himself to such a list of actions of his own government in this critical situation.

But this will not happen! Simply because there is no secret Russian biolaboratory near the United States. But everything that we described above does happen. But on the other end of the Earth – not near America, but close to Russia. In particular, in Georgia, where there is an American “biological center” named after US Senator Lugar, who is engaged in everything that we described above. What is said in the secret documents of this center, published the other day by the former Minister of State Security of Georgia, Igor Giorgadze.

There, in particular it’s said that thirty people – citizens of Georgia, suffered a mysterious death after the injection of drugs named Harvoni and Sovaldi, created by the American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. And what an amazing coincidence – the largest shareholder of this company is the former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. When he was a Pentagon chief, similar laboratories were created in many republics of the former USSR, including in Georgia. It seems that Mr. ex-minister quite successfully combined his own business interests with state affairs.

As part of this successful combination, the Pentagon regularly allocated grants to these laboratories for studying the causative agents of Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, atypical plague, strains of especially dangerous pathogens and smallpox diseases. And their effect was studied in relation to representatives of the Caucasian ethnic group, as well as to people of Slavic and Asian descent.

And now answer me to a very simple question: what would you do in place of Russians with a country that placed very suspicious biochemical objects around the perimeter of the Russian Federation. And who are engaged in similar, to put it mildly, questionable cases, like the ones described above? And this activity is confirmed by a lot (in the case of Georgia – hundreds of thousands of pages) of documents. That is, calling things by their proper names, they are quite possibly preparing for mass destruction of the population of Russia by the methods of biological and chemical war. In any case, no one has presented any convincing refutations on this score. Do not take it as such a light-hearted statement by the representative of the Pentagon, Eric Pahon, that “these statements of the Russians are simply ridiculous and in no way correspond to reality.”

Would you like that? So the Russians do not like it very much. Because they themselves do not do such things in the neighborhood with America. And they do not consider it right that any country, even such a great one as the US, should allow itself the like – to play the lives of people, testing the action of deadly biopreparats. And to prepare for their massive use of them against the population of whole countries.

The classic of English literature, the writer Robert Louis Stevenson, has this saying: “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones at others.” Especially, I will add from myself, if the role of these “stones” are deadly viruses and bacteria in which those who create such laboratories see effective weapons of the future war. In fact, this is a real “Pandora’s box”, which only needs to be opened once and it will destroy everyone indiscriminately. And there are dozens of such American “boxes” in the world. It is sad that it was the USA that today became the world leader in trying to give vent to their terrible content. And this is the real problem! Which the West does not want to notice just because it is sure – the biochemical contagion is far away from foreign borders. And it will never reach them. Very dangerous delusion!

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