Plaid Cymru to become a ‘revoke’ party if no-deal Brexit remains an option

Plaid Cymru will campaign to revoke Article 50 if a no-deal Brexit remains a possibility.

An emergency motion at the party’s conference in Swansea supported its current policy of a second referendum or people’s vote in all circumstances, unless the threat of no-deal continues in which case they will campaign to revoke and remain in EU.

Plaid Cymru has been clear and consistent that a people’s vote is the best way to end this Brexit crisis. A general election won’t solve this chaos. Only by putting it back to the people can we end this. But if the UK Government seeks a crash out, no deal mandate, Plaid Cymru must and will campaign to revoke Article 50 because at that point, that will be the only lever left to protect Wales and our communities from the disastrous effects of no deal.


The motion was submitted jointly by the party’s parliamentary groups in the Senedd, Westminster and Brussels.

In his speech to delegates, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards said that Brexit was having the same effect on support for independence as the years Margaret Thatcher era had on support for devolution.

I remember writing a university dissertation trying to explain the differences between the 1979 and 1997 Welsh referenda, and why Wales had gone from being overwhelmingly opposed to devolution to marginally voting in favour in the space of 18 years.

The main reason was the Thatcherism inflicted upon Wales immediately after the first referendum. The people of our country yearned for a degree of protection via self-government.

The Brexit referendum drove a sledgehammer through the post-devolution period in Welsh history and now the stakes in the game have been raised considerably.

On the one hand Wales as a political nation will be re-subsumed by Westminster. On the other hand, we can finish the job started by devolution and become a normal independent European country.


The conference will conclude later today.

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