Plane from Ibiza struck by lightning on flight to Cardiff

Passengers coming home from popular party destination Ibiza on Wednesday were “shocked” and “frightened” as the flight was struck by lightning while descending down to Cardiff Airport.

The ASL airlines flight from Ibiza withstood some turbulence before passengers reportedly heard a “huge bang” that shook the plane.

“We all saw this flash of light outside and people started to realise what had happened: we’d been struck by lightning.”

A spokeswoman from TUI later confirmed that this is what had happened.

“We can confirm that on flight TOM6371 from Ibiza to Cardiff yesterday, the aircraft suffered a lightning strike.”

Plane Window

Passengers on the flight describe said they feared the lightning may have caused damage to the plane.

“I thought straight away that we were going to crash.”

“We thought one of the engines had blown out. It was so frightening and luckily we were landing soon after.”

Passengers said that the pilot came out of the cockpit to confirm that the plane had just been struck by lightning.

Cardiff Airport

Landing successfully at Cardiff Airport at 12:30 pm, the ASL plane has not sustained any damage, and no passengers were reported as injured.

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