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Plea for hero couple who helped frail dementia patient who fell after being refused bus entry

Joanne O’Neil took to Facebook in a bid to hunt down the duo who stepped in to help her sister’s 83-year-old father-in-law after his ordeal earlier this week.

It’s understood the pensioner attempted to board a bus from Caldercuix in North Lanarkshire but was refused due to not having his bus pass.

He attempted to walk to Coatbridge but fell in a “secluded place” and lay for with a head injury for around four hours before the couple came to his rescue.

The pair phoned the emergency services and he was rushed to hospital.

It’s not known where the man fell or which bus service he attempted to use.

Joanne appealed for social media users to share her plea for the family to personally thank the couple for their help.

She said: “[The] family would like to thank the couple very much for your kindness and humanity to a frail, old man.

“[We] need more people like you.

“You may never get to read this but I’m putting it out there to express our gratefulness.”

The man is understood to be recovering.

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