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Pollokshields has suffered road crashes and fireworks thugs but community spirit shines

First, a three car crash on Glencairn Drive that seems to have had a real negative effect on residents of the street.

It is alleged that a vehicle crashed into several parked cars along the road, leaving two written off, before coming to land on its roof.

Locals at the scene helped the driver from the upside down car and a 15-year-old girl was later reported to the children’s reporter.

But this was just another event in years of enduring dangerous driving – although I am not suggesting the crashed car was being driven dangerously – that local people have been complaining about with no corrective steps taken by authorities.

They say speeding cars routinely race up and down their street, where drivers are unimpeded by any traffic calming measures.

It is frightening for elderly people who aren’t as nimble as they perhaps once were and worrying for parents of children independent enough to go out on their own.

Just over a week later, on Bonfire Night, the community was sent collectively running for cover as around 40 thugs in balaclavas attacked the area with industrial fireworks.

While residents say they have been putting up with these kind of rocket attacks for more years than they care to remember, what stood out this year was the force of the brutality towards the police.

A toddler was badly injured, property was damaged and residents were terrified.

In both these cases local people have said, “Enough is enough.”

On Glencairn Drive, neighbours have been knocking doors and encouraging each other to join a group calling for traffic calming along their street to cut the problem.

Some had never met before but now many are on first name terms thanks to their shared purpose.

Pollokshields Community Council and local resident Danny Phillips have been galvanised the area to mobilise in a call to ban fireworks and ensure safeguards are in place so their community doesn’t have to endure another war zone next year.

At a community council meeting last Monday night the fury from residents filled the room and they let rip at the area commander, Chief Inspector Ross Allan.

My neighbours and I set up a residents association in Govanhillto try to make improvements in the area after complaints about several local issues.

It’s almost impossible to persuade people to come along – even when they know we are going to be tackling problems that make life worse for everyone.

Especially infuriating is seeing neighbours complaining vociferously on internet forums such a Facebook but when there’s a chance to fix the things they are complaining about, well, there’s no sign of them.

So I’m quite envious of the community spirit in Pollokshields, although not, of course, envious of the problems that are drawing the residents of the area together.

It is always impressive to see people work together to try to right a wrong and Pollokshields is enduring more than its fare share of wrongs at the moment.

Both local groups make strong cases – and of course they do, they want a safer, better community for all residents.

They deserve to live without fear of speeding motorists and weapons used by malicious thugs.

The authorities better listen because I don’t imagine residents will be silent any time soon.

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