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Eliminating corruption refers first of all, to the counter-terrorism measures. The current leader of Afghanistan Ashtraf Ghani has managed to make some progress, but a significant result remains elusive.

However, corruption scandals related to the government and public officials are systematically agitating the society. According to the Afghan analyst Shafe Ayar, The World Bank approved to Afghanistan 20 billion dollars to eradicate one of the reasons causing terrorism – illiterate population. The objective of this assistance has been to create new schools in the border areas with Pakistan, both sides of Durand Line. In effect, only few schools have been constructed. But a large amount of money was transferred to the offshore accounts and misappropriated by the Afghan administration and their relatives.

It comes as no surprise, that corruption has become a regular tool to impose the western policy to the countries of interest. There one can mention Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama president Noriega and others. The West is criticizing other countries for the things, it spreads and stimulates all over the world itself.

The research of results of superior military and civil officers, responsible for the project “Task Force for Business and Stability Operations”, reveals the total failure of the project. It seems ridiculous. Placing a new gas station in Sheberghan, the capital city of  Jowzjan Province, Americans have spent 43 million dollars, while the same stuff in Pakistan has been realized for half-million dollars. One might ask, where is the remaining money? A more plausible explanation is that the money came back to the USA, but this time in form of illicit revenue of private business.

Few years ago Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) declared that only 316 of the 675 million dollars had been spent on precise projects, 78% of them had never been achieved. The rest of money had been used for the development of logistics, consulting, and administrating. It seems only 22% of money were placed in the program, the rest leaked away by the corruption streams.

A profitable business of American military officers, based on formally existing projects, targeted on reducing violation, enforcing stability and balance of economic situation in Afghanistan, that uses business and economical strategic  operations, exists in form of finishing one program and declaring one another in the same manner.

The result will be evident in short time: taxpayers, keep ready your cash.


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