Rangers-mad reality star Brian Matthews slams ex for ‘gifting’ him Celtic leg tattoo

Viewers around the world watched on last night as Glasgow-born Brian, 34, was given the Hoops badge on his leg as a surprise from scorned partner Victoria Obahor.

Victoria, who was fed up with Brian’s philandering ways, gifted him the tattoo while he was blindfolded in front of TV hosts Joey Essex and Charlotte Crosby.

Brian, who says he is still in shock from the ordeal, told The Sun: “The tattoo is worse than I ever thought. I feel violated. I honestly felt faint and I was in shock at first.

“I honestly didn’t think she’d have been as nasty as that. I can’t believe Victoria was able to do that to me.

“She knows what football means to me and that tattoo is worse than any woman cheating on me.

Evening Times:

“At least you can get over a break-up, but this is now stuck with me for life, a constant reminder.”

Brian recorded the show in June and has had to keep the tattoo until now under orders of MTV bosses.

He said: “Every time I sit on the toilet pan, I’m reminded of it. Every time, I look in the mirror with no clothes, I’m reminded of it and every time I go for a shower.

“I’m so passionate about football and this honestly was the worst thing that could have happened.”

Former Rangers youth coach Brian says he’s been unable to play as many charity games as a result of his new inking.

He also added: “When I’ve gone to Rangers games, I feel weird, like I’ve betrayed everyone sitting beside Rangers fans with a Celtic tattoo on my leg, like I’m betraying my own kind.”

Brian says he tried to remove the tattoo as soon he got home from London.

He said: “I tried scrubbing it with a pumice stone, but it made my leg bleed red raw. I’ve tried rubbing it so hard at home.”

“I’ve been seen in LiQR welcoming people and keeping on an smile but, deep down, it’s hellish for me.”

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