Swansea hospital leads the fight against antibiotic resistance

Swansea’s Morriston Hospital is leading the fight against an increasing worry worldwide: resistance to antibiotics.

Antibiotics can be a vital part of treatment. But often they continue to be given to patients when there is no longer a clinical need.

That can cause antibiotic resistance and leave people at risk of unpleasant infections like C. difficile (sometimes known as C. diff), which causes diarrhoea.

A five-year research programme designed by Oxford University, started in 2015.

Its aim is to reduce serious infections caused by antibiotic resistance in the future, by safely reducing antibiotic use in hospitals now.

Morriston Hospital

Morriston is one of two Welsh hospitals to be selected for the final phase of the programme. A three-month pilot started this month.

What happens at the moment is antibiotics might be started and carried on for longer than needed, and there are a number of risks associated with that.

Antibiotic resistance is a hot topic in the news, and we have C. diff issues not just in Swansea but Wales in general.

By reducing our overuse of antibiotics, we’ll help reduce the rate of antibiotics resistance as well as reduce side-effects associated with antibiotics, such as C. diff.


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