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Three women attacked by hammer and knife-wielding thugs in Glasgow’s West End

THREE women have been attacked by thugs with hammers and knives on a quiet Kelvindale street.

The ladies, who were travelling to a friend’s book club, were mugged outside an address on Cleveden Drive, just yards from Great Western Road, on Monday evening.

A local source has said two men, who reportedly jumped out of a car and stopped the women, threatened them with the weapons, before making off in the vehicle.

Reports suggest it could have been a planned attack.

The incident, which happened at around 7.30pm, is said to be one of multiple attacks in the area on Monday night.

Social media reports suggest a young boy was also targeted by the attackers near a local bowling club at around the same time.

It is said he was also held at knifepoint and had his mobile phone stolen.

Residents have been left shocked at the news, with one neighbour calling it a “quiet area” where “nothing like this ever happens”.

She added: “The police have been around speaking to all of the neighbours.

“We are all really shaken up and shocked to hear about it. We had no idea it was even going on.”

Many of those living just metres from the affected property say they had no idea until a police helicopter, which was dispatched to deal with the incident, could be heard overhead.

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