Transgender women attack two men with sticks & chairs in India (VIDEO)

A group of apparently transgender women were filmed beating a man with sticks and throwing a chair at another man in a car during an argument in India. Police have launched a probe into the conflict.

According to police, the incident took place in the city of Karnal in India’s northwestern Haryana state on July 11, but the video of the altercation only emerged online on Wednesday.

The footage shows a group of transgender women attacking a man with sticks near a roadside diner. Two of the attackers also ran after a white car.

One threw a chair at the vehicle and tried to open its door. Another assailant hit the driver several times with what appears to be a large wooden plank before the man drove away.

The attackers then continued to beat the other man, who was left outside the diner. The victim was later shown sitting on the ground with his face bloodied and his clothes torn.

It is not clear what caused the conflict. Indian media reported that an argument had escalated into violence.

Though no formal complaints were filed at the time, police will now launch an investigation after video of the incident emerged, local inspector Sachin Kumar said.

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