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Uber driver so drunk passenger forced to get into the driver’s seat (VIDEO)

In a striking turn of events, a man who called an Uber to take him home in the middle of the night from an airport in India ended up having to drive the car himself because the driver was too drunk.

Surya Oruganti arrived at the airport in India’s buzzing city of Bangalore on September 9 and waited for the driver to arrive.

Suspicions about the driver first arose when Oruganti didn’t recognize him as the man in the picture on the Uber profile. Yet, as the vehicle was the same, he decided to just go ahead with the ride.

It was when the car started moving that Oruganti realized that there was something else not quite right with the driver… as he was blind drunk.

In order to get home, Oruganti had to switch places with the driver.

He posted a photo of himself online driving the Uber with its original driver passed out in the passenger’s seat.

One was captioned, saying: “The ride back from Bangalore airport was not quite what I expected.

“The driver was drunk and drowsy. I had to pull the car over to the side and I drove all the way home.”

In an attempt to describe the extent to which the driver was drunk, Oruganti captioned a video saying he was “drunk enough to not know he was being recorded.”

He added that he had reported the incident to Uber but didn’t receive a reply until 20 hours later. They reportedly told him he shouldn’t have driven the cab due to safety issues.

In a statement, Uber told The News Minute: “This is a regrettable and concerning incident.”

They added that the driver profile had been removed from the app and they were investigating the matter.

“While we take all possible measures to ensure that drivers behind the wheel match the person shown on the app, in rare instances, when this doesn’t happen, we encourage riders to cancel their rides immediately and report the issue on the app, so that immediate actions can be taken,” it added.

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