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Underage crackdown: City cops educate pubs and clubs after 600 fake IDs seized

A seminar was held for licence holders at The Griffin on Bath Street today.

The event focused on how we all play a key part in looking after one another when out in the city, recognising fake ID and the new ways in which young people are obtaining these documents as well as discussing what the best thing to do is following any incident which may occur in any one of their licensed premises.

It from the summer festivals where licence holders were warned to be on the lookout for fake IDs.

PC Lesley-Ann Stevenson said: “Over 600 fake documents were seized over the summer months at music festivals and other events.

“We have used these to make sure our officers are up to date, and want to pass this knowledge on.”

She added: “During the festive period Glasgow has an increased number of visitors coming to enjoy a Christmas night out. This is the perfect time to bring licence holders together and ensure we all have the relevant information to prevent and prepare for any incidents which could or may occur.

“Everyone has a potential role to play in making sure we keep each other safe when we are out enjoying ourselves and licensed traders, due to the nature of their work, may have a significant role in reducing crime by recognising those who are most vulnerable.

“We engage with these licence holders continuously, however as technology advances young people find new ways of obtaining fake ID and it is important that we can all distinguish between those which are genuine and those which are not.”

She continued: “We also want to get a chance to explain to those who run licences premises about the best ways of dealing with the aftermath of any incident that occurs whilst police are on their way – this could be making sure they don’t touch anything that could be potential evidence, or try to clean up any mess that has been made.”

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