Victoria Beckham once mistook ‘hairy’ Michael Sheen for a ‘tramp’

Victoria Beckham mistook Michael Sheen for a tramp because he was so hairy.

The Welsh actor said the former Spice Girl thought he was trying to abduct his own daughter and even called security on him.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show he said he was in LA picking his daughter up from an ice skating lesson.

When I got there the Beckhams were there checking out the rink for lessons.

I was quite hirsute then and when Posh saw me she called security thinking I was a tramp trying to abduct my daughter!


Sheen, whose daughter Lily is now 20, did not say when the incident occurred.

Michael Sheen

He appeared on The Graham Norton Show to speak about his new Amazon Prime series, Good Omens, based on the 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett.

Good Omens sees an angel and a demon work together to save the world from an apocalypse triggered by the birth of the Antichrist.

Sheen said he was originally lined up to play the evil character but upon reading the script, he thought ”I can’t do that, I’m not good enough. I’m better for the angel part, that suits me’.

The role of the demon instead went to David Tennant.

Tennant, who appeared on the chat show alongside Sheen, said he feels nervous about bringing the beloved book to the small screen, “because people have loved the book for 30 years and they have ideas as to what these characters are and we have to fulfil that dream.”

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