Welsh farmers ‘living in fear’ of rural crime

A sheep farmer who has been farming for more than 50 years has had five quad bikes stolen.

Dilwyn Jones said not only has this been a heavy financial cost but it has made his job a lot more difficult.

Sheep farmer Dilwyn Jones

This comes after NFU Mutual released its new rural crime figures.

Last year in Wales rural crime cost more than £2.3 million.

NFU Mutual said despite a fall of 7% from the year before, crime in the Welsh countryside continues to be a problem for rural communities.

For Dilwyn, quad bikes are vital to his everyday life on the farm. Without a quad bike he is unable to get to his sheep.

It’s not only quad bikes that are stolen from farms.

Tractors and trailers are taken everyday and NFU mutual said it’s not easy to catch the culprits.

Tractors and trailers often stolen from Welsh farms

A new breed of criminals who are brazen, very determined and will cut through a lot of the traditional security measures on farms are about and move round the country to tackle farms and country properties.


People living in our countryside said they often fear becoming victims of rural crime.

Some farmers said they suffer with anxiety attacks and many said they are too scared to go out and leave the farm unattended.

But Shepherd, Gareth Davies has invented a way of beating all that.

Quad vice to stop thieves from taking his quad bike

He’s created a quad vice which makes the bike very tricky for thieves to steal.

Quad vice which locks the quad bike in place

Theres no final stoppage, stopping of any theft all you’ve got to do is make it as difficult as possible so that its time consuming and most thieves don’t want to be hanging about and making a noise with disc cutters and what have you so the idea its a deterrent at the end of the day


But for many Welsh farmers like Dilwyn, rural crime is a blot on the landscape and a blight on their lives, something which in today’s climate many farmers said they could do without.

Rural crime is an ongoing problem for rural communities in Wales

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