Welsh schools expected to cut school uniform costs under new guidelines

Schools in Wales will be expected to make school uniforms more affordable under new guidance published by the Welsh Government.

The statutory guidance, which comes into force in September, advises schools to consider ways to keep the cost of uniforms down. Previous guidance was non-statutory, meaning schools were not legally required to follow it.

The new guidance recommends that uniforms should be available from more than one outlet. Schools will be expected to consider whether school logos are necessary in order to facilitate this. In future, school logos could be offered free of charge in order to be sewed onto items of clothing.

school uniforms

School uniforms will also be expected to be gender-neutral under the new guidelines. It states that items of clothing should not be gender specific, for example trousers would not be described as a ”boy’s item.”

Families will know how expensive new uniforms can be. This guidance puts a statutory responsibility on schools to consider the affordability, access and availability when setting their school uniform and appearance policy.

Along with PDG Access, this guidance will help reduce the burden on families, so our children can focus on fulfilling their potential and enjoying a healthy academic and social life.

We should not be enforcing outdated ideas of what clothes are suitable for their gender, especially if it makes them wear something they feel uncomfortable wearing.

This new guidance makes clear that school uniform policies should not dictate items of clothing based on gender.


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