Welsh tourists running out of cash on holiday

More than a quarter of people in Wales said they overspent on their last holiday abroad.

New research from also found 41% of people in Wales said they had to use credit cards or borrow money from friends when travelling.

41%-of holidaymakers said they did not take enough money with them abroad.

Travel experts are advising tourists to make a budget before going abroad and to have some emergency cash to cover unexpected circumstances.

£46-the average amount people who went over on their baggage limit were charged.
40%-said they had “no idea” if they were getting a good deal at their currency exchange.

It’s fascinating how many Brits aren’t budgeting correctly when they’re abroad and running out of cash. This leaves them open to card charges and dodgy exchange rates which could see them even further out of pocket. It’s easy to get carried away abroad when you’re having fun, but keep tabs on your expenditure to avoid any financial headaches on your return.

It’s also surprising to see so many tourists avoiding travel insurance because they think it’s too expensive. It’s important to be covered in case of emergencies, and the cheapest basic policies for a week in Europe start at under £5.


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