What’s it really like to be a lottery winner?

In 2017, a group of Welsh hospital catering staff handed in their notices after winning a £25,476,778.30 EuroMillions jackpot.

Sian Jones and Julie Amphlett said they still have to pinch themselves. Like most lottery winners, when they saw their lucky numbers they could not believe it.

I think we just hugged each other and jumped up and down and said is this real?

We just kept phoning each other and saying, you’re a millionaire, you are. We’re multimillionaires!


I said to my husband, you’re in bed with a millionaire.


Both Julie and Sian have bought houses with the money they won and they have also set up some of their relatives for life.

The pair have remained grounded despite their millions and said they still shop in Tesco and still do everything they used to do – apart from their jobs.

They handed in their notices straight after winning. Julie said she worked from the age of 16 so was happy to be able to retire.


Nigel Willets from Caerphilly won just over a million pounds on Friday 13th, 2014.

When you win this amount of money people think you’re going to be a different person. Your life does change but I’m still the person that I’ve always been…

I’ve gone out for meals and some have said no, you’re not paying… You kind of go out and expect you’ve got to pay for everything and then when you don’t I’ve sat there and it’s like just me and the wife and then there’s 14 of us and everyone’s passing five pound notes and then you’re like, I bet they must be thinking how tight is he?


In Nigel’s case, being lucky runs in the family, as his sister has also won the lottery. She won £20,000.


Nigel has used his winnings to start his business, running trampoline parks in Swansea and Cardiff. He has also given money to relatives, paid for holidays to Thailand, Mexico and Florida and treated himself to a new car.

Nigel's car

New research has revealed Cardiff is the seventh luckiest place to live in the UK.

The National Lottery has created 103 millionaires in Cardiff since it launched 25 years ago – that’s one every three months.

Swansea is the sixteenth luckiest region out of 121.

William and Sophie Richards from Swansea won £1million on the Lotto Millionaire Raffle in May 2018 after Will popped into Asda to buy a tin of mushy peas.

Will & Sophie

Nigel Willets said winning the lottery does make you a target to conmen or women.

The advice I would give to any new winners is take your time, be careful of people trying to come into your lives because that’s what happens… and just be cautious and listen to the other winners who have got all the experience and all the stories about what has gone wrong for them as well.

It doesn’t matter who you are, it will happen because that’s how people are… Because you’re on such a high in the early days you’re just not aware of it.


321-millionaires have been made in Wales because of lottery winnings over the past 25 years.

Cardiff has seen, on average, four millionaires made every year since the launch of The National Lottery – which is amazing. It seems Cardiff is a lucky place to live when it comes to playing The National Lottery, but it’s not alone… I think 71 Swansea residents who are now millionaires thanks to The National Lottery would agree when we say it is a very lucky city to live in.


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