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William Robertson: Clydebank mum speaks out over murder bid on baby daughter

The woman said her daughter has physically recovered but the tot remained mentally scarred by the actions of William Robertson, 21, who was convicted of attempted murder last week.

Now two years old, the baby can legally never be identified, though her mum has a photo taken just hours after the attack.

But the visible bruises and finger marks in the picture don’t reveal the true extent of her injuries, including a fractured skull.

Robertson told the court the infant had fallen off a couch while he was asleep, and claimed he wanted to go on The Jeremy Kyle Show to take a lie detector test.

However, medical experts told the High Court in Glasgow last week that the infant’s horrific injuries were caused by more than one incident.

The mum called Robertson “disgusting” and questioned how anyone could do such a thing to a child.

She exclusively told our sister title the Clydebank Post: “I’m just glad my daughter has recovered fully. She will never ever see that thing [Robertson] and she certainly will not be near his family ever again.

“I would never ever think that someone would do that to a child – it’s disgusting. I don’t even want to think what my daughter went through that night.

“It’s never his fault. It’s always someone else’s, putting the blame on my daughter for falling off a couch.

“My daughter could not have a fractured skull, that started at the back of the skull, a bleed on the brain, severe facial swelling, injury to her ears, split frenulum and bruises all over her body, just from falling off a couch.

“It was heartbreaking seeing my daughter lie in the hospital bed lifeless.

“I felt helpless when she was lying in the hospital bed in so much pain. Even now I hate leaving her in nursery, but she loves her nursery, bonding with other kids her age.”

The mum added her daughter is still dealing with the psychological impact and wouldn’t go near male relatives until just recently.

She added: “She will not leave my side everywhere I go she has to come with me, even if it’s to the toilet or to do the dishes.

“The only time she is not with me is when she is at nursery.

“She is just surrounded by love – she is such a happy little girl now. My daughter has who she needs in her life.

“As long as my daughter is happy I’m happy. I love my daughter – she is my life.”

The Post can last week revealed the attempted murder conviction is Robertson’s third conviction in three months.

Last month he was convicted of threatening a neighbour with a baseball bat with a knife attached to the end of it.

And in September, a jury at Dumbarton Sheriff Court found Robertson guilty of abusive and threatening behaviour towards three of his ex-partners over an 18-month period.

The mum added: “Three convictions in three months – this ‘boy’ is just disgusting. He is no ‘man’. You’d have thought he would have grown up by now, but all he wants to do is commit crime after crime.

“I actually wonder if he will ever stop.”

The attempted murder took place at Robertson’s flat at Jean Armour Drive, Clydebank, on September 9, 2017 while he was caring for the infant.

He denied ever hitting the baby and added: “I’m not a monster.”

Robertson also denied he was drunk and angry that night, although he admitted having downed a can of Dragon Soop and some Mad Dog 20/20.

The jury did not believe him and found him guilty of attempting to murder the baby by repeatedly striking her on the head and body or by means unknown to the prosecutor.

Judge Norman Ritchie QC deferred sentence on Robertson for background reports and will sentence him next month.

The court heard that Robertson ran to his mother’s nearby house at 4am with the seriously injured baby in his arms.

His sister Juliette Robertson, 32, a manager and mother-of-two, dialled 999 and she told the operator: “Oh my f***ing God. I’ve just seen the back of her head, it’s really bad. I think it’s her skull. It’s misshapen.”

The baby could be heard groaning as she regained consciousness, and Robertson was crying.

Ms Robertson told the jury that the baby had bruising to her forehead and a misshapen skull and added: “She had lines – bruises – on her face that looked like finger marks.”

The child’s mum told the court that Robertson phoned her to say her daughter was in hospital and added: “He was trying to sound upset. I could tell it was put on by the tone of his voice. It was as if he was pretending to cry.”

She said that when she arrived at hospital around 4.20am Robertson was sitting on a chair and her daughter was screaming and crying.

She said: “He was sitting next to my daughter. He was not trying to comfort her. He said ‘it’s not what it looks like’.”

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