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Woman ‘marries’ dead boyfriend in Philippines right before funeral

A young woman was apparently so devoted to her deceased loved one that she “married” her boyfriend right before he was laid to rest, local media reports.

The “wedding ceremony” was held at Cauayan Memorial Gardens, Isabela, on Saturday. The “bride,”identified by The Philippine Inquirer newspaper as Zyrine, came to the cemetery to “marry” Jake Anthony Macadangdang in front of his grieving family. The 22-year-old man was killed last month after a businessman reportedly hit his motorcycle in a revenge attack for an earlier brawl at a bar.

Everything was in place at the bizarre but “emotional” wedding, according to the Coconuts outlet, including the white dress and rings. However, the woman was unable to put the ring on the “groom’s” stiffened finger and had to just leave on his hand.

The couple had been together since high school and the bride’s family knew that it was a serious relationship, Bomboradyo radio reported citing the bride’s father, Antonio Delmendo. Despite the unusual nature of the wedding, relatives did not discourage the ceremony as they understood the strength of the couples bond.

The Family Code of the Philippines says nothing about marrying a dead person, however, it states that a marriage is invalid if one of the newlyweds fails to give consent freely “in the presence of the solemnizing officer.”

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